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Our Story

Since 2006, D&R is positioned at Bharat Nagar, New Friends Colony, New Delhi. D & R has
successfully emerged as a leading structural engineering consulting firm under the guidance of,
Er. Revati Raman Singh.
In simple terms, D&R Consultant provides credible services in the field of structural
engineering to governmental entities, architects, engineers, contractors, developers, industries &
institutions. In reality, we are a lot more than that. We believe that we have assembled the fine
groups of engineers, technicians, & support personnel in the industry. We are passionate about
architecture & the application of engineering ton the built environment. We work nationally on
projects of all scales & types, & we bring that passion to every single one. We believe that we
have a responsibility to be active citizens in our profession & our communities. And we believe
that we have more fun doing our job than just about anyone else.
We have worked in various states of India, so we can handle projects all over India &
even abroad. We have designed projects for a diverse range of site conditions, code mates, client
requirements & architectural expressions, so we do whatever a client needs us to do.


Our Activities

Our services are more than just a profession – they are an extension of who we are. D&R
CONSULTANT provides structural engineering services to a wide array of clients viz. architects,
contractors, builders, developers, government entities, industries and institutions. We have
extensive expertise in the design of new buildings as well as in the renovation and repair of existing structures. Our firm’s experience in building design ranges from family houses to multistory buildings of any type & Industrial structure. We understand that what we do matters – to our clients, to ourselves, to our profession and to our communities. We undertake original and proof consultancy, design practices conforming to standards and specified codes, adopt latest techniques and software’s for analysis and design.


Our Philosophy

We believe every structure to be different and treat them accordingly. The idea is to arrive at
such a system, which gives most safe and economical system maintaining the concept of the
Architect. We believe that structural engineering is not just following the codes of practices but
applying fundamental laws of nature while analyzing. We undertake original and proof
consultancy, design practices conforming to standards and specified codes, adopt latest
techniques and software’s for analysis and design. Last but not the least ‘Time Is the Essence of
our work. Structural Engineering is an area of primary interest and covers analysis and design of
various types of structures. Based on Geotechnical investigation report from the site, various
alternatives of foundation system are considered along with their feasibility studies and
economy. Preliminary cost studies are carried out for various feasible options comparing them all
on one scale. This helps in choosing the most viable alternate for the project. Sometimes
amalgamation of different alternatives has to be done in order to eliminate the drawbacks in the
finally adopted alternative. The whole process indicates the highly interactive design approach
adopted by us. During this entire exercise of catering to the standard codes of practices,
fundamentals of engineering science and seeking the optimal solution, client’s requirements are
kept. But stability of structure and economy is our main aim.


Our Culture

Since our inception in 2006, we have worked to develop and fine-tune a highly automated, but
creatively charged environment that allows us to continually improve our design processes while
providing exceptional results. We combine our creative working environment with a
sophisticated electronic workflow to achieve a balance of automation and imagination that we
feel is second to none. D&R Consultant has been driven to create a firm that’s valued by our
clients and our staff. We are constantly looking at ways to improve what we do, how we do it
and why we do it.


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: 100A Bharat Nagar, New Friends  Colony, New Delhi.

: C 142 Sector-52 Noida 201301.

: +91 9810592984


: 2006

: Proprietary

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